• 3 Ways to Improve Audit Issue Management

    Improving Audit Issue Management Many companies fail to adequately addresses audit and examination findings in a timely manner.  This failure looks poorly on the management and leadership team. Below are three ways to easily improve audit issue management. 1) Assign corrective action to specific people. When responsibility is delegated to a specific person for corrective […]

  • 5 Reasons to Ditch Spreadsheets for Audit Issue Management

    What is wrong with using spreadsheets for audit issue management? Spreadsheets are great for financial data, such as maintaining a budget.  However, they are horrible for tracking items that require others input, such as audit issue management.  Below are five reasons to dump your spreadsheet for tracking audit issues. 1) Difficulty getting input from others.  […]

  • Spreadsheet vs. Software for Audit Issue Tracking

    What do most companies use for tacking audit issues? Spreadsheets. The primary reason is that tracking items via spreadsheets is because it is low-cost and already available software. However, using spreadsheets to track audit issues may not be your best option. Below are several problems with using spreadsheets for tracking audit issues and how AuditFindings […]

  • Free Audit Issue Tracking Software

    Why offer a free version of our audit issue tracking software? We get asked this question often. There are several reasons we offer a free version of our audit issue tracking software. 1) Not all companies can afford to purchase audit tracking software. The free version of our audit issue tracking software is for smaller […]