A New Perspective For Audit Issue Management

With AuditFindings, any business can implement a robust tool for tracking audit issues. The web-based tool for audit issues tracking is easy-to-use and eliminates the pitfalls of using spreadsheets.


    • Central Management

      With centralized management, all audit issues are easily managed from a central location.

    • Robust Reporting

      With database driven reports, you can get complex information in an easy to understand format.

    • Social Commenting

      With social commenting, multiple users can discuss and share ideas on resolution options.

    • Automatic Notification

      Minimize time needed to notify and remind people to update status of uncorrected or outstanding audit items.

    • Supporting Documents

      Upload supporting documents, such as the actual audit report or findings.

    • Import/Export Capabilities

      Still use spreadsheets? Import and export to Microsoft Excel or PDF.

    • Issue Tagging

      With tagging, you can flag specific issue for custom reporting.

    • Web-Based Access

      No software to install or maintain. With web-based access your information is easily accessible by your team.

    • User-Friendly Dashboard

      The dashboard provides ready access to key information related to the status of audit issues.

    • Issue Assignment

      Assign issues to specific personnel for corrective action.

  • Audit Issue Management

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