A New Perspective For Audit Issue Management

With AuditFindings, any business can implement a robust tool for tracking audit issues. The web-based platform for audit issues tracking is easy-to-use and eliminates the pitfalls of using spreadsheets.

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AuditFindings provides a simple solution to the difficult problem of managing audit issues.

User-Friendly Dashboard

The dashboard provides ready access to key information related to the status of audit issues.

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Central Management

With centralized management, all audit issues are easily managed from a single platform.

Social Commenting

With social commenting, multiple users can discuss and share ideas on resolution options.

Automatic Notifications

Minimize time needed to notify and remind people to update status of uncorrected or outstanding audit items.

Supporting Documents

Upload supporting documents, such as the actual audit report or findings.

Import/Export Capabilities

Still use spreadsheets? Import from, and export to, Microsoft Excel or PDF.

Issue Tagging

With tagging, you can flag specific issues for custom reporting.

Web-based Access

No software to install or maintain. With web-based access, your information is easily accessible.

Robust Reporting

With database-driven reports, you can get complex information in an easy-to-understand format.

Issue Assignment

Assign issues to specific personnel for corrective action.

Audit Issue Management

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What People are Saying
About AuditFindings.

AuditFindings is a very inexpensive audit tracking solution that includes all the basic functionality you would find in systems like ACL, TeamMate, Ncontracts, etc. Ease of Use. The Dashboard is great for that at-a-glance status report that management looks for.

Raul A.
Director Internal Audit

My overall experience with this software has been great. They have a free trial which I did and have never looked back. We actually use the software for all of our audits and not JUST auditfindings. I find it easy to organize all of our audits and love not having to work out of multiple spreadsheets.

April C.
IT Compliance/Risk Management Analyst

This tool made it really easy to get organized and keep track of audit items in a very short period of time. It sure beats using spreadsheets and is reasonably priced.

Marcos A.
IT Infrastructure


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We provide a free 30-day trial to the Standard Account. If the trial period expires, the account reverts to a Basic Account.

It depends. There are month-to-month options as well as one, two, or three-year terms.

All accounts can have an unlimited number of assignees. Paid accounts have a limited number of active users based on the account level. Refer to the pricing page for a comparison of the different account levels available.

You can download or export your information at any time. There are no fees.

Access to the account reverts to the primary account holder and is limited to the free features.

The data is routinely backed up and encrypted backups are maintained at a geographically separate data center.

The data center leverages an ITIL-based control environment validated for compliance against HIPAA, PCI, DSS, and SOC (formerly SAS70) frameworks.

We provide a robust support center at https://support.auditfindings.com.

You may also contact our support team via phone or email during normal hours of operation.