AuditFindings Pricing

  • AuditFindings is provided via a free Starter Account, a paid Business Account, and an Enterprise Account. The Starter account is designed for small audit departments that will have only a single user. The Business Account provides the additional features and capabilities. The Enterprise account is larger organizations. Several of key differences are listed below.

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Feature Starter
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Unlimited Audits

All accounts provide for an unlimited number of Audits. Issues may be assigned to specific audits.
Unlimited Issues

All accounts provide for an unlimited number of issues. Issues may be assigned to specific audits.
Importing Issues

All accounts provide the ability to import issues from Excel or .csv formatted files.
Exporting Issues (Excel)

We understand that you may still want to use spreadsheets. As such, you can export to Excel directly from the issues list or from a generated report.
Email Notifications

Email notifications save you time. Several notification options are available to include summary emails of open items, notification on changes, notification on past due or open items.
Reports: Basic

Default reports are provided in all accounts. The standard reports include basic reports such as the status of issues, audit summaries, etc.Learn more about AuditFindings Basic Reporting
Reports: Premium

All paid accounts include additional reports that provide more detail. These reports, along with the custom report writer provide endless possibilities. You can easily copy a default report to custom reports and modify as needed.


Learn more about AuditFindings Premium Reporting

Reports: Custom Writer

The custom report writer is available on all paid accounts. The report writer allows you to create your own reports or to customize existing reports.
Social Commenting

User commenting is available on all paid accounts. Comments can be Private (only viewable by the editor) or Public (viewable by all users within the account).
File Attachments

Files can be uploaded to all accounts. However, files can be attached to issues and/or audits in all paid accounts.
Issue Requirements

The paid accounts include a “requirements” feature. This feature allows users to assign issues to a specific requirement, such as a regulations, standard, or internal policy.
IP Restrictions

The paid accounts allow administrators to limit the ability to access the web interface from specific Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.
Single Sign On

All paid accounts allow the ability to configure single sign on.
Custom Fields

With paid accounts, administrators can configure custom fields. Custom fields can be added to Audit and to Issues.
Unlimited Users

The starter account is single user only. The paid accounts allow for an unlimited number of users.
LDAP Integration

The enterprise level account allows for LDAP integration, such as Active Directly.
On Premise

The enterprise level account is available for on-premise installation in the client’s data center. All other accounts are web-based in our data center.
Price Free $99/month $750+/month