AuditFindings Account Type Changes

Account Type Changes

In order to help serve our clients better, we have restructured our account types and pricing options. These changes allow for more options to better fit the budget and needs of a particular organization, allowing us to allocate the proper resources to each type of client.

For small and medium sized organizations, we still have fully-hosted accounts. However, we have added a premium option, so there are now Basic, Standard, and Premium levels. The premium level added additional features such as API access, Active Directory/LDAP integration, additional storage, and more.

We have also established fully-hosted and on-premise options for Enterprise level accounts. These accounts are for larger organizations that have a high number of users or those that need a separate instance of the software. We will still host an Enterprise instance in our data center, but the client has the option to install the solution in their own data center, or a data center of their choosing, such as Amazon AWS.

In addition to the new account types, we have also segregated the accounts with various limits, such as active users, file storage, and support. These changes were to provide a low-cost option for smaller organizations, but provide adequate resources for organizations that have increased usage and support needs.

The AuditFindings pricing page provides an overview of the various account options. Contact our sales team to discuss your specific audit issue tracking and reporting needs.