AuditFindings offers comprehensive reporting capabilities to keep everyone informed about the status of audit issues.

The reporting capabilities are divided into three components: My Favorite Reports, Custom Reports, and Default Reports. Users can access their favorite reports quickly and customize them according to their needs. With the custom report writer, authorized users can create new reports or modify existing reports. The system provides standardized report templates for basic and premium accounts.

Default Reports

All accounts include basic reports. These reports will be in the default section and provide overview information on key issues and audits. By default, basic reports are included in the My Favorite Reports section.

All paid users can access the Custom Reports tab and the Custom Report Writer.

Custom Reports

All paid accounts get access to the Custom Reports feature. Free or Starter Accounts have access to the Default Reports section only.

Along with Custom Reports, all paid customers get access to the Custom Report Writer to create or modify existing reports.

Custom Report Designer

AuditFindings has simplified the process of getting data for management oversight with the use of the Custom Report Designer. The report designer allows users to create and modify reports as per their requirements, enabling users to copy existing reports and include additional fields or filter data based on specific criteria such as high-rated items.

In the Reports section, there is a dedicated Custom Reports segment where users can create, copy, or edit custom reports. The report designer enables users to select the information to be displayed, and the parameter section allows users to limit the issue or audit data based on specific criteria such as open issues only.

Once the report is created, it can be saved in PDF, Excel, or CSV format. With the Custom Report Designer, AuditFindings makes it easier to generate reports and provide insights for effective management oversight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reports can be saved under a new name using the Save As button.

If a user has access to the reports, they will have access to any report available.

An administrator can allow the sharing of reports across users. If sharing is enabled, all the reports created by others will be shared on the platform with other users of the account.

Audit Issue Management

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