5 Reasons why Audit Managers use AuditFindings

5 Reasons why Audit Managers use AuditFindings

There are many benefits of using audit issue management software for issue tracking.  All audit issue tracking software provides time savings, but AuditFindings provides some unique benefits.  Here are several reasons why Audit Managers use AuditFindings.


The issue tracking platform is easy to set up. As we focus on audit issue tracking and reporting, we have made the system intuitive for all users.  No complicated setup or configuration required.

Reasonable pricing, no long-term contracts

With AuditFindings, you can try the system using our free starter account. Upgrade anytime to the Business Account. We provide month-to-month options for our Business Accounts.

Unlimited users

All of AuditFindings paid accounts include unlimited users. No per user fees or unexpected costs.

Support – included

At AuditFindings, we want you to succeed. If you have any questions or need assistance we are here to help. There is no additional cost for AuditFindings support.

Custom reporting, get the data you need

The paid accounts include custom reporting. You can set up queries that provide just the information that you need.

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