Audit Issue Age Is a Key Metric

As an audit manager, it is important to know the age of open issues.  AuditFindings has several issue age capabilities within for audit issue tracking.  For all issues, AuditFindings will calculate the issue age, days until due, and days past due.  These dates are calculated based on the issue date and the target resolution date or due date.  AuditFindings displays these dates in variety of areas.

Dashboard Widget:  One of the optional widgets on the dashboard will display the issue age, along with other audit issue information.  When audit issues are not yet due, they are shown with a negative number.

Audit issue age tracking

Issue Tab:  The issue tab displays a listing of audit issues within the system.  This listing of audit issues includes the issue age and the days until the item is due, or the days until the item is past due.

Audit findings audit issue tracking issue listing page

The user may filter the listing of audit issues by based these days, such as items 100 days past due.  There are several audit issue filter options available.

Issues Tab - Audit Issue Past Due Age Filter

Reports:  The issue age along with days until due or past due age are also available in the issue reports.  These reports can be customized by the user.  Below is an example of a basic report.

Report - Issue Age Options

The system support document outlines the AuditFindings issue age calculation feature.  If you would like to learn more about the system, please review the system AuditFindings Overview page or contact us at