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  • Do you provide a free trial account?

    Yes.  We provide a free 30-day trial to the Standard Account.  If the trial period expires, the account reverts to a Basic account. Signup for a free trial of AuditFindings here.

    How long is the contract?

    It depends.  There are month-to-month options, and one, two, or three-year terms.

    Can we install the software in our own data center?

    Yes.  The Enterprise-level accounts can be installed in data center of the clients choosing.  Such data centers may be on the client’s premisses or in client acquired data center services such as Amazon AWS.

    Is there a limit to the number of users per account?

    All account can have an unlimited number of assignees.  Paid accounts have a limited number of active users based on the account level.   Refer to the pricing page for a comparison of the different account levels available.

    If we decide to cancel, are there any charges or fees to get our data?

    At any time you can download or export your information.  There are no fees.

    What happens if we downgrade from a paid to a free account?

    Access to the account reverts to the primary account holder and is limited to the free features.

    Is the information stored on AuditFindings backed up?

    The data is routinely backed up and encrypted backups are maintained at a geographically separate data center.

    Is the data center secure?

    The data center leverages an ITIL-based control environment validated for compliance against HIPAA, PCI DSS and SOC (formally SAS70) frameworks.  For Enterprise accounts, the client can choose the data center that is used, including hosting the system on internal resources.

    Do you have help documents or online support?

    We provided a robust support center at

    Click here for an overview of the AuditFindings system. 

  • The following documents are helpful in conducting an evaluation of the AuditFindings platform.

    Sales Brochure Business Case Security Summary Quick Start Guide

    Still Need Help?

    Our Support Center provides additional information on using the system.  You can also contact us via email at