Multi-Client / Reseller

With the reseller system, an organization can provide its clients access to a fully-functioning AuditFindings account.

Use Case: Audit / Consulting Firm

With the Reseller system, an audit firm can provide clients with accurate, efficient audit issue tracking. This access can be combined with other products from the audit/consulting firm to provide direct billing.

Use Case: Association

An association can obtain a reseller account and easily provide members with access to a robust audit issue-tracking solution.
This could be billed directly or included in other programs.

Use Case: Technology Provider

A technology provider could obtain a reseller account with AuditFindings and offer clients access to a robust audit issue-tracking solution.
They could combine this access with other technology products they offer, providing direct billing to their clients.
The technology provider could then provide support and oversight to their clients' audit issues, ensuring access to a valuable tool to help manage their audit-related tasks.

Hybrid Access

With the multi-client account, the sub-account (or client) can provide or limit reseller access to the account.
Access is normally given to resellers operating as the client's audit firm and would need access to the data.
However, a reseller can also be restricted from access and allowed to provide support when needed.
By default, the reseller is restricted from access with the exception of the client conjugation or setup data.

Stand-Alone Instance:

With the reseller system, an option to include a separate, stand-alone instance of the system is available. This stand-alone system for the reseller would include the sub-accounts on the same system.

Types Of Accounts:

The reseller system includes access to basic, standard, and premium plans. The stand-alone enterprise account is not available directly via the reseller system.

Frequently Asked Questions

This access depends on the client. The client has a selection tool option allowing or denying reseller access. However, in all cases, the reseller has access to client setup fields to help with configurations.

Yes. There is an option to have the client pay or the reseller pay. When client pay is used, the client will be billed directly from AuditFindings. If the reseller opts to pay, they can bundle the service into other products and charge whatever they deem acceptable to the client.

Yes, the main reseller dashboard provides an overview of all client accounts.

This is designed for organizations, such as audit firms wanting to provide a method of issue tracking for their clients but does not want to have a conflict of interest by receiving payment for providing such access.

The account oversigner can be easily switched directly to AuditFindings or to another reseller if desired.

No, the enterprise account is a stand-alone managed system. As such, only the basic, standard, and premium options are available.

Yes, there is a minimum annual fee for this type of account. Please contact the sales team to discuss specifics.

Audit Issue Management

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