Get to Know Our Robust System

AuditFindings is an Audit Issue Tracking System for managing audit issues. With AuditFindings, audit and compliance managers have a robust system to keep track of audit issue corrective action. Below is an overview of the audit issue tracking system.


The Dashboard provides easy access to key information related to audit issues. Users can view related audit and issue information. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Issues by Audit
  • Issue Aging / Past Due
  • Issues by Organization
  • Issues by Priority
  • Issues Assigned to Me
  • And more…


The Audit tab allows users to view a summary of audits, including a count of audit issues that are open, closed, and past due. With one click, users can view all of the issues assigned to that audit.

The filter or query function allows you to narrow down the list of audits. For example, the list of audits can be limited by type, status, priority of issues, past due issues, archived issues, tags, and more.

Users can also “archive” complete audits along with the underlying assigned issues. Archiving audits allows management to maintain the audit data for metrics, but remove the information from the initial menu.


The issues view provides the user detailed access to easily manage corrective action from issues stemming from audits, regulatory reviews, or other sources.

The issues view can be highly customizable for the user. Columns can be selected or moved.

Unlike spreadsheets, you can use:

Easily import current spreadsheets to populate the data within AuditFindings.


Depending on the configuration, users can view, upload, or download files related to issues or audits. This feature allows users to view the source document related to the audit or to include supporting documentation related to corrective action.

Files can be accessed directly via the issue, audit, or files management view in the Files tab. In addition to files, users can also include URL links to documents.

With proper access rights, users can bulk upload or download documents.


You need information fast. With our reporting features, you get what you need when you need it. All with tailored notifications customized to fit your role.

Keeping track of your assigned items and cutting out extraneous email inbox clutter keeps you, and your audit or compliance team, on task and on time.

With AuditFindings, your administrative recordkeeping is simplified and centralized.


AuditFindings is highly customizable from the Admin page. Key features include, but are not limited to, the following.

Within the Administration section, an organization can usually customize the system to match the organization’s current workflow. This makes transitioning to AuditFindings easy for an organization’s users.


The multi-client functionality allows any organization to use the system on a client's behalf, or become a reseller of sorts. Within a multi-client account, an organization can add sub-accounts within their account.

These sub-accounts can be used in two primary ways. One, a sub-account can be resold with the billing occurring directly from AuditFindings to the client. Two, the primary account holder provides their client with access to the sub-account and bills the client themselves. These two options provide preferred delivery for small to large multi-client organizations.