Audit Issue Management – Implementing Assignee Access Levels

Improving Audit Issue Management

As an audit manager, you do not always want everything related to an audit finding presented to the personnel that will implement corrective action.  If using a spreadsheet to track audit issues, it can be difficult to get the information to the assignee without giving them access to the entire spreadsheet used for tracking audit issues.  Audit issue management can be improved by using

At we understand this problem related to audit issue management and have enabled access level controls over of what fields are presented to an audit issue assignee.  Within, administrators can control the various fields that are presented to the personnel assigned with implementing corrective action for an audit issue.  The administrator has the option of removing fields, enabling view only fields, or allowing full editing of fields.  This feature greatly improves the audit department’s control over audit issue management.

audit issue management access levels


Some audit issue fields are required to be displayed, such as Issue Name. For these fields, the administrator has the option of view or edit.   Other capabilities such as adding comments, updating target resolution dates, or attaching files, can be removed completely from the audit issue when displayed to the assignee.  These settings apply to the audit issue assignee, but still allow authorized personnel access to view and edit all fields.  The granularity in limiting access to specific information provides audit mangers much more control than using spreadsheets to track audit issues. is a system for managing audit issues. Click here for an overview of the system.