4 Benefits of Audit Issue Management Software

Audit Issue Management Software Benefits

There are many benefits of using audit issue management software.  However, there are 4 primary benefits that audit managers can expect when using software for audit issue management vs. spreadsheets for audit issue tracking.

1)  Save time.  With audit issue management software, such as AuditFindings.com, the audit department personnel can assign issues to the end-user responsible for corrective action.  At this point, the end-user can update the status of corrective action on the audit issue without the direct involvement of the audit personnel.

2)  Easy access to information.  With a database driven system for audit issue management, an audit department can get access to specific information via filters and reports.  With a spreadsheet, it is difficult to filter for specific information such as all high priority issues, open issues by department, or issues that are are past due.

3).  Archived data.  Audit issue management software such as AuditFindings.com, allows audit mangers to archive completed items.  Unlike a spreadsheet, an audit manager can remove a completed item from reports and other documents without removing the issue from the system completely.

4)  Version control.  With spreadsheets, people often create multiple copies audit the audit issue tracking document.  The copy may then be sent to end-users to get updates on the corrective action related to the audit issue, or for management reporting of audit issues.  Either way, it can be difficult to maintain all of the different audit issue tracking spreadsheets.  With AuditFindings.com, the information will be centralized in a web-based solution.  The information can be extracted at any time for management reporting.  No more need to create multiple spreadsheets.

AuditFindings is a system for managing audit issues. Click here for an overview of the AuditFindings system.