The AuditFindings Dashboard provides a quick, comprehensive view into the non-archived issues the user has access to view and/or edit.

The design of the dashboard is simple and gives users detailed insight into the overall status of non-archived issues within the system. From this initial view, the user can see all non-archived issues the user has access to. This view allows the user to have a status overview of all issues to ensure none go without corrective action. Key items within this view include major views of Issues by Priority and Issues by Status. Within these two main views, the user has access to further restrict the view to specific issues.

Customizable Priorities for Better Issue Management

The system is highly customizable and can include priorities as defined by the organization. The default priority filer is set to display high, medium, or low.  

When viewing the list of non-archived issues on the dashboard, the user can easily select one or more of the various priorities to limit the view to only those issues.

Effortlessly Filter Your Issues with Advanced Dropdown Filters

The initial view of the Dashboard shows all non-archived issues the user has access to. However, if the user would like to limit the view of the Dashboard to a specific issue segment, they can quickly do so via the dropdown filters. These include limiting by:

  • Audit
  • Audit Type
  • Country
  • Region
  • Department
  • Tags

The Tags feature allows for extreme flexibility of the system as issues can be tagged with specific labels. These labels can then be used within the system to restrict access or improve reporting. Try that with a spreadsheet!

Tailor Your View with Assigned, Owned, and Followed Issues

The Dashboard provides access to all issues the user can view. However, for some unique cases, users can click on the "Assigned Tab" to limit the view to issues assigned to them. Similarly, users can view issues they own but aren't performing corrective actions on. A "Followed Issues" setting allows users to monitor specific issues within the subset they already have access to.

Quickly Review Problematic Issues

The AuditFindings dashboard displays potential problem issues at the bottom, making the oversight of corrective action easier. It includes four categories: No Status Issues, No Priority Issues, No Date Set, and No Due Date. Clicking on the image for each category displays the specific issues on the issues tab.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Dashboard will show all non-archived issues the user has access to view and/or edit. If an issue has been archived, it will not display on the Dashboard.

No, archived items are not displayed on the Dashboard to keep the Dashboard from becoming cluttered.

Yes, using the dropdown menu, it is easy to select a specific audit.

The user’s view displays cumulative access to all issues the user has access to.

The Dashboard has various filters and queries that can be applied, but the widget cannot be changed.

When there are issues within the system lacking sets for these fields, an organization would often overlook them and result in uncorrected findings.  As such, AuditFindings provides quick access to these easily overlooked mistakes.

Click the arrow within the chart to go to the Issues tab filtered for the specific issues in the chart.

Audit Issue Management

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