AuditFindings understands every
organization operates differently.

That's why we've designed a highly-customizable system.  

Easily Modify Priorities and Status Labels in AuditFindings

Some of the most common items to change are the priorities and status labels. The default settings are High, Medium, Low, and Open/Closed. These labels are easily modified and adding more options is a breeze.

Enhance Data Security with Group Access Levels

Access Control is critical. AuditFindings allows an organization to create group access levels. These levels limit what data, including what fields, a user can view. A user can be in more than one group, providing cumulative access to audits or issues.

Enhance User Authentication and Access Restriction

User authentication can be limited to the application, or a single sign on (SSO) solution, or both. In addition, access can be restricted to specific IP addresses, such as a corporate network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can create groups with specific access rights. One or more users are then applied to the group.

Yes, you can add additional text boxes, dropdown selectors, and date fields.

Yes. System access can be restricted to IP ranges. An example would be when a user is using a corporate VPN.

Audit Issue Management

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