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  • Issue age - a key audit metric

    Audit Issue Age Is a Key Metric

    As an audit manager, it is important to know the age of open issues.  AuditFindings has several issue age capabilities within for audit issue tracking.  For all issues, AuditFindings will calculate the issue age, days until due, and days past due.  These dates are calculated based on the issue date and the target resolution date […]

  • Audit Issue Import from Spreadsheet

    Importing from Spreadsheets: 3 tips

    Importing from Spreadsheets to AuditFindings: 3 tips This article assumes that you are presently using spreadsheets to manage audit issues. When migrating to for audit issue management, there are a few steps that can make the transition more successful. 1) Get your data ready for migration.  AuditFindings can import audit issues from excel or […]

  • Change Log

    AuditFindings New Features Notification

    We have implemented a method to allow users to be notified of new features within AuditFindings Since August 1, 2017, we list changes to the AuditFindings system on the Change Log page of our help system. At anytime, users can view the AuditFindings change log page at via the support center at This page […]