Custom Report Writer


Use the Custom Report Editor to modify or create reports.   The use of the custom report writer simplifies getting the data needed for management oversight.  Existing reports can easily be copied and modified, such as showing and additional field or limiting data to only certain criteria such as high-rated items.

Within the Reports area, a section is labeled Custom Reports.  The listing of custom reports can be created, copied, or edited.  Here is a “How To” on using the Custom Report Writer.

Audit Issue Report Writer Editor

The report designer allows for selection information to be displayed.


The parameter section allows for issue or audit information to be limited to specific criteria, such as open issues only.


Once the reports are completed, they can be saved a PDF, Excel or CSV.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can I edit a report and save it as new?

A:  Reports can be saved under a new name using the Save As button.

Q:  Can I limit who can view are specific report?

A:  If a user has access to the reports, they will have access to any report available.

Q:  Are reports created by one person available to others?

A:  An administrator can allow the sharing of reports across users.   If sharing is enabled, all the reports created by others will be shared on the platform with other users of the account.

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